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Sustaining the Soul of Activism (aka Healing the Heart that Serves) supports the resilience and wellbeing of change-makers, justice seekers, service providers, caregivers, and community workers of all kinds.

With the sunset of OneLife we were delighted to pass this program and curriculum on to Faith Matters Network. Please contact them for more information.

* How do we keep alive and vital that place within us where the motivation to make the world better or work for social change arises?

* How do we serve from that place in a way that not only allows us to “keep on keeping on,” but to keep on in a way that is generative and transformative for us as individuals, for the organization, the movement, and the community?

* How do we stay connected to the larger vision and purpose that inspires, uplifts, and sustains each of us to be our best and most whole selves in every area of our lives?

True sustainability is not just about doing enough “self-care” to allow us to continue to work in dysfunctional ways, but rather to connect with the deepest sources of inspiration, wisdom, healing, and replenishment so that we can bring new vision, wholeness, and balance to our work and our lives.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of what is life-generative and life-depleting for them, and are introduced to resources and practices to help cultivate holistic wellbeing and sustainability. Through this, they can begin to engage their work in ways that are transformative for self, organization, clients, and community.

Contact us to arrange a workshop, retreat, or consultation tailored to your needs.

Download PDF one pager to learn more:  Sustaining the Soul of Activism (and Activists) or Healing the Heart that Serves

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