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OneLife is a place where healers can heal and leaders can lean. Where those on the front lines of social change and community service can be supported and renewed. Where people from different walks of life can come together and create community. We maintain a commitment to at least 75% people of color participation at every level of the organization, and to full accessibility for low income individuals.



Kazu Haga, Director

East Point Peace Academy

OneLife creates spaces for reflecting on action, spaces where powerful people can cry and where struggling people can be powerful. The work of OneLife is to help people connect the dots, to nurture a wholistic movement, so we can cultivate a world where every side of every being can be honored.

Cat Brooks, CoFounder

Anti Police-Terror Project

OneLife is my safe space ... a refuge where i can refill my tank, lick my wounds, and receive spiritual guidance. OneLife provides a framework for talking about the sustainability of the movement and growth for myself as an activist, a mother, an organizer, and a human being.

Peggy Bristol

Immigration Attorney

The holistic support that my staff and I have received from OneLife Institute over the years has played a crucial, transformative role in helping us bring our best selves to the work of providing much-needed legal representation to the immigrants we serve.

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