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OneLife serves at the intersection of spirituality and social action. We nurture, inspire, and sustain people committed to healing and justice. Through workshops, retreats, events, resources, counseling and consultation services we provide a place where those on the front lines of social change and

community service can be supported and renewed.

Since 2004, our work has centered three primary goals: (1) Increasing the well being of individuals and communities living under the stress of poverty, violence, oppression and uncertain times; (2) Enhancing the sustainability and integrity of movements for social transformation and community uplift;

(3) Fostering an ever-growing Beloved Community.

Social Action
Inner Healing

Our core programs center around healing in community - creating safe and sacred space for authentic connection, where people feel seen, heard, supported, welcome, and loved.

We believe that spirituality and social action are synergistic. Spiritual practice helps foster sustainability, integrity, compassion, vision, and hope. Activism provides a context for spiritual practice, transforming our selves as we work to transform our world.

Personal healing is not separate from collective healing. And both are essential to creating a just and compassionate world. In a climate of historic and ongoing trauma, healing is at the heart of our work at OneLife.

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